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Sesi São Roque collects food for families assisted by SMF

This week, we received a car full of donations here at SMF. They were made by #SesiSãoRoque, through a fundraising campaign that benefits thousands of families. ⠀

Sesi São Roque estimates that at this time of the Covid 19 pandemic, one of the major concerns is the lack of food on the table for many families.

The president of Fiesp and Sesi-SP, Paulo Skaf, says “for this reason, Fiesp and Sesi-SP start a campaign to collect non-perishable food for distribution to families with greater social vulnerability throughout the state of São Paulo, without a predicted closing date”, says.

Source: divulgation.

"With the restart of face-to-face classes in several municipalities and, as a result, unable to use the school kitchens as last year, Sesi-SP will be the point of reception of food in cities where there are no stricter travel restrictions. The distribution of the items to the population will be on account of the NGOs that were partners of Sesi-SP last year, when more than 9 million meals were prepared by the entity throughout the state - 230 thousand meals were produced daily in the 110 industrial kitchens in the schools of Sesi-SP. In the winter, these NGOs were also partners in the transfer of 100 thousand blankets." Learn more at We thank everyone for all donations received and employees involved.

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