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Thank you very much, Avanzi Química!

On May 13th, we received a donation of 100 food baskets from the partner company Avanzi Química.

The SMF Social Center in Jardim Margarida has a long partnership with this company, which is located in the same neighborhood. Avanzi is a company with great social sensitivity.

The baskets will be distributed in SMF activities in Jardim Margarida itself, but also in Caucaia do Alto and Bairro do Carmo.

We are immensely grateful to Avanzi for yet another donation, and also for the long and profitable look.

We wish Avanzi Química much success!

Sandra Lemes, André Prevatto with Paulo e Danilo Avanzi Química employees

André Prevatto – Jardim Margarida Project Coordinator

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