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1st Spring Festival SMF in Vargem Grande Paulista (SP) will be held on September 25th

Free and open to the entire population, the festival will have a clothing and shoe store, as well as sustainability workshops, children's storytelling, sweets, popcorn and live music.

The Focolari Movement Society (SMF) promotes the 1st SMF Spring Festival at

next september 25, from 3 pm to 9 pm, at Parque Jorge Zogheib, in the neighborhood Mariapolis Ginetta, in Vargem Grande Paulista.

Free and open to the entire population of the city and also to neighboring municipalities such as Ibiúna, São Roque and Cotia, the festival will have a clothing and shoe store in good condition, as well as sustainability workshops, children's storytelling, live music and sales of candy and popcorn cart.

"All the proceeds will be donated to the maintenance of SMF's social projects, but in addition, the main purpose is the dissemination and promotion of the circular economy", explains the person in charge of the festival, Vaudete Maria Bueno.

Vaudete explains that the main idea of ​​the event is to promote a sustainable mindset, by

through the conscious use of objects and resources. She mentions, for example, the macramé workshop in which crafts will be taught using the threads of some donated shirts.

On the day of the festival, the organization will also promote a workshop with plastic bags that can be transformed into art, as well as a workshop that teaches how to make decorative ornaments, using toilet paper rolls.

“The idea is to give people an opportunity to learn, offering the idea that everything can be reused and, in many cases, generate extra income for families. Much more than raising funds for our projects, the festival aims to add new knowledge”, explains Vaudete.

For children, a popcorn cart and storytelling will be part of the program

day. “The park is a place of social interaction that needs to be explored. it will be one day

very tasty”, he comments.

About the Focolari Movement Society (SMF)

The Focolari Movement Society (SMF) is a non-profit organization whose main objective is to reduce social inequalities for a more united, fair and fraternal society. The SMF supports projects and people through the development of practical actions to transform the reality of communities in situations of social vulnerability, with strategies for strengthening social bonds, community development and dissemination of a culture of universal brotherhood and the ethics of care.

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1st SMF Spring Festival

September 25th

From 3 pm to 9 pm

Mariapolis Park - Mariapolis Ginetta, in Vargem Grande Paulista

Free entrance

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