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Emergency Action

Collaborate with emergency care for the families of children and adolescents registered in the social centers maintained by SMF.

Assistance and attendance.

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SMF has been following the information about the new coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) with attention and responsibility. It has followed the guidelines of the departments of Assistance and Social Development of the municipalities in which its social centers are located, in addition to considering the positions of official health agencies.


In view of this situation, through the SMF Social Service, it is providing emergency care to the families of children and adolescents registered in the social centers maintained by the entity in “Bairro Jardim Margarida” (Vargem Grande Paulista-SP) and “Bairro do Carmo” ( São Roque-SP), as well as other vulnerable families.

Youth protagonism.

The Geração de Futuro Project aims to offer a life skills course, focusing on the development of socio-emotional skills and in a special way on the communication and teamwork skills of the young people involved. Therefore, it tries to respond to a gap in formal education with regard to the integral formation of the subject.

We seek to provide conditions for the insertion of young people from public schools in the labor market, increasing their chance of employability and increasing income, through entrepreneurial training and information technology.

Vargem Grande Paulista, where the project is applied, presents itself as a city of great social inequality. The project aims to combat inequalities, breaking a certain “eternal present” logic in the minds of young people from the periphery of the São Paulo metropolitan area, helping them to think about the future and increase their chances of increasing income in the short, medium and long term. long term.


and donate.

You can also help by donating basic baskets with food and hygiene products, in addition to health kits with alcohol gel, masks, soaps, bouquets and other items.


With the lack of job opportunities, amid so many other difficulties, you can be the help of those in need. To donate any amount, make a transfer to the assistance fund that we created especially for this emergency action.

To deliver kits and products in person, deliver your donation directly to the address below:


Rua Igino Giordani, 210, Mariápolis Ginetta, Vargem Grande Paulista SP. Reception hours: Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 12 pm and from 1 pm to 5 pm.






You can also donate the amount you want by making a deposit, transfer or Pix. After the donation, send the receipt to the e-mail:

Transfer or deposit

Sociedade Movimento dos Focolari

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Banco do Brasil

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PIX key:

CNPJ 44.245.488/0001-92


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