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Do you believe in the work developed by SMF? See ways to help

The SMF counts on the support of individuals, companies and institutions that make it possible to carry out actions that create social impact and transform the future of thousands of beneficiaries. And there are several ways to be part of this network.

Donation: scheduled and punctual

It is possible to make a punctual donation of any amount through bank deposit or transfer of your choice: TED, DOC or Pix. the data you find here.

Or you can also make a scheduled and recurring donation with a credit card charge. See step by step how to do it.

Nota Fiscal Paulista

This is a way to help without even having to reach into your pocket. You just direct the tax deduction on your purchases to SMF. Know how.

Income tax

Making a donation to the Municipal Fund for Donations to Children and Adolescents of Vargem Grande Paulista, and informing in the Income Tax return, the amount allocated to the institution will cause the refund to be higher or the amount of tax payable to be lower, depending on the case.

Individuals can deduct up to 6% of Income Tax and companies 1%. Understand better.


Your time is your greatest gift and you can dedicate it by getting involved in

projects and workshops offered by SMF.

Inform here here your personal data and your area of ​​interest and we will contact you.


We know that encouraging support for social projects is an excellent exercise in citizenship. If you have a company, it can become a partner of SMF and together promote a better future for our country. Contact.


On our website we have a page with items from some e-commerces and when buying any of the products in the catalog, a percentage of the value is donated to our projects. Access the store, buy and share.

All of these forms of help are most welcome so choose one or more that fits your reality.

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