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Easter at the Jardim Margarida Project

In this month of March due to the COVID -19 Pandemic - CORONAVIRUS and State Decree No. 65.545 of 03/03/2021 / Municipal Decree and considering the red phase of the São Paulo Plan, CIAPS - Integrated Center for Assistance and Social Promotion - Jardim Project Margarida, we maintained social assistance to families registered online.

Through telephone contacts as well as WhatsApp groups it was possible to keep in touch with the families of the Project. We sent messages on Easter and received photos and reports from families about Easter Sunday.

We consider it a real privilege to be able to spend these moments, even if remotely, with the children and their families. We realized, during the contact with the families, how much those simple gestures, like sending a message wishing a Happy Easter, meant.

We know that this connection with families is a source of strengthening and building bonds for all of us and how much it makes us grow in the culture of care and sharing, which we want to promote even more.

With the valuable contribution of our employees, we can continue to aim for this goal: to build bridges of solidarity that offer horizons of hope to children, adolescents, young people and their families.

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