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Finally! Resumption of face-to-face activities at the Jardim Margarida Social Project!

Great joy and commotion marked the morning of last Wednesday, November 11th, in Jardim Margarida, when the social project team received the news of the decree of the Vargem Grande Paulista City Hall authorizing the resumption of activities in a face-to-face format, correctly maintaining all health protocols to prevent the transmission of Covid-19. The return of children and adolescents will be next Tuesday, November 16th.

Maria, Sandra, Virgínia, Lucila, Célia and Matheus

“We have been on this wait for 1 year and 7 months. You cannot imagine our joy. Our reason for being is to be with children and adolescents. We can't wait to welcome them back”, comments the coordinator of the Jardim Margarida Project, Sandra Lemes.

Sandra thanks all the employees who, during this phase of distancing and non-face-to-face activities, were always by her side with support and encouragement to move forward in the belief and hope that it was a passing phase. “Today we share with everyone this immense joy of returning to face-to-face activities”, concludes the coordinator.

Watch the video of Sandra Lemes, commenting on the reopening of the Jardim Margarida Social Center.

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