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Future Generation 2021: cultivating dreams

The SMF has been working with children for decades, but there was also a need for an itinerary to accompany the individual from the beginning of life to full autonomy, whether it be their insertion in the job market, beginning of college or other activities.

Thus, projects for youth emerged, and among them, Geração de Futuro. Project aimed at the public aged between 16 and 18, with the mission of activating the perspective of the future in the minds of young people from the periphery. We do this in two stages: helping you to think about your life project and following your entry into the job market.

Completion of the 2021 class

The class of 2021 has completed the first stage of the trajectory and is now moving on to the practical part where they will seek their insertion in the job market and will still have the monitoring of project professionals.

“I joined Geração de Futuro and I'm learning a lot. I'm getting to know myself, meeting other people and finding qualities in myself that I didn't know I had”, says Carlos Eduardo, 16 years old.

This project is focused on preparing for the market, so among the activities are: how to prepare a resume, how to do a job interview, computer concepts, among others. But when asked why they were interested in the course, the young people's answers were unanimous in their quest to get to know themselves better.

For SMF's project manager, André Prevatto, this course comes across not only the issue of employability, but the construction of one's own being. “We, as SMF, more than focusing on the person as a future lawyer or teacher, we like to invest in that subject of possibilities, who can be a gift to the world”.

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