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Get to know the Jardim Margarida Project

Thinking about our children, the Jardim Margarida Project brings knowledge, entertainment and fun to those who are the future of our country.

In the project, socio-educational, recreational, sports, artistic and cultural activities are developed, such as handicrafts, computers, guitar, choir, percussion, futsal, volleyball, table tennis, roller cart, dance, theater, ecological walking, among others.

Bairro Jardim Margarida is located in the municipality of Vargem Grande Paulista / SP, on the banks of the Bunjiro Nakao Highway, which connects the municipality to Ibiúna, at Km 47.

When the neighborhood started to form in the 1970s, the Focolare Movement (MF) was concerned with developing social work with the first families who settled there.

In the beginning, the work was assistance, through adult literacy and, shortly after, with medical care for children. Gradually, it began to have the character of social promotion, with assistance of all kinds and within the existing possibilities, for children, adolescents, young people and families residing in the neighborhood and surroundings.

The JM Project is one of the activities of the Focolare Movement, in the municipality of Vargem Grande Paulista. This includes actions with children, adolescents, young people and families in the neighborhood, in a situation of social vulnerability. They seek to provide training to help them guard against the dangers that surround them.

To this end, it seeks to grow in dialogue with families, often the key point of the problems. It is perceived that cultural, sports, pedagogical and artistic activities are means to reach a constructive dialogue, and thus understand certain anti-social reactions that occur, in order to build awareness and responsibility at a personal and social level.

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