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Immersion of new SMF employees

Last November 5th, we welcomed five new employees to our office with great joy for a morning of immersion in the reality of work for the fraternity through specific projects maintained by the SMF.

We are happy to recognize how Rede do Bem spreads and involves people who are ready to embark on the mission of living and working for a better world every day.

Following a brief tour of the premises of the SMF office at Mariapolis Ginetta, in Vargem Grande Paulista, we had a moment to present our institution as a whole. The new employees were welcomed by the president of SMF, Maria Aparecida de Berni Marques and by the vice president of the SMF, Sérgio Previdi.

“The SMF acts as the 'social arm' of the Focolare Movement. Therefore, it is always very important to understand the origins of the Focolare Movement itself, which was already active in the social sphere when it emerged in the post-war period of 1943, providing the most varied assistance to the most vulnerable population”, emphasizes Maria Aparecida.

After the initial presentation, we had the presentation of some specific projects developed and maintained by SMF in which these employees will be inserted.

With the aim of providing a better understanding of the origins of the Focolare Movement (, the group of new employees also visited the new reception at Mariapolis Ginetta, where a sample dedicated to the journey is on display. the life of the Foundress of the Movement, Chiara Lubich, as well as her main insights and works that continue to this day.

The new employees, Rosana Maria Bezerra Ferreira, Thaissa De Cássia Moraes Pinheiro, Anderli Antonia do Carmo de Borba, Luzinete Vieira Bravo and Danilo Magalhães da Silva Dias were happy with this possibility: that of being involved in the first person in the building a more just society based on experience and work that generates and strengthens bonds of peace and fraternity.

Welcome Anderli, Rosana, Danilo, Thaissa and Luzinete!

At the SMF office - Mariápolis Ginetta - Vargem Grande Paulista

At the new reception at Mariapolis Ginetta

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