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Milonga Project Online Meeting

On April 10, the first presentation meeting of our Milonga Project - International Volunteer for young Brazilians was held. This meeting was just the beginning! We will have two more moments to deepen and better explain the Project. The enthusiasm of young people and the desire to be able to contribute to a better world motivates us.

During the meeting, we learned more about each of the participants and their expectations about the Project: “I loved getting to know a little about each one today at our meeting. As for the experiences reported, I can say that I managed to imagine myself experiencing them ”. Geysa - Montes Claros - MG.

We have the presence of some young people who have already participated in this experience: Cleiton - from Belém do Pará, Xhovana - from Italy, Antonela - from Argentina. They shared some of their moments and emotions experienced during volunteering: “Thank you very much for inviting me and for being able to share my experience with you. Whenever I can help to publicize and share the project, I am available ”. Cleiton, Belém do Pará.

We are also grateful for the special presence of those responsible for some of the projects that welcome young volunteers. They told us about the performance of the organization and shared about each of its realities: They were:

● Instituto Pe. Vilson Groh – Kelles

● Fazenda da Esperança - Lucas

● Casa do Menor – Isa

● SMF – Sérgio Prévidi

Thank you to everyone who participated in this moment! We are happy with the presence of each one and look forward to the second meeting, which will take place on 04/24.

Discover some of these exciting stories:

● Online volunteering experience at Casa do Menor in Brazil

● Solidarity and sensitivity with life

By: Vaudete Bueno - Co-responsible for the Milonga Project in Brazil

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