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Mother's Day at CIAPS Projeto Jd. Margarida

Because it is the first bond established by the child, it serves as the basis and often determines how we will deal with people in all areas: at work, in love and in friendships. You must have heard many times the importance that the relationship with mothers is important. Especially on this Mother's Day, we delivered flowers as a way to honor the mothers of children and adolescents enrolled in the CIAPS - Projeto Jardim Margarida. 91 flower pots were delivered to mothers and grandparents.

It was a very special day, the mothers and grandparents were very happy and grateful for the memory. We also pay tribute to our President, Maria Aparecida, who helped and accompanied us throughout the Special Week on Mother's Day.

Maria Aparecida, President of the SMF Society Movement of the Focolari

Sandra Lemes

Social service


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