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Social responsibility: strengthening the community

After all, do you know how important it is? Everything you need to know about social responsibility is here. Come and see why a socially responsible routine can help transform the community we live in and the world around us.

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Social responsibility is a set of practices that benefit the social environment. These are actions carried out by an individual or company that bring some benefit to society. It can be achieved through protecting the environment, educating the local community, encouraging physical activity and even small daily attitudes.

The importance of social responsibility for the development of society is evident. Through it, institutions and individuals assume responsibility for their actions in the social sphere, from the impact on the environment, on the lives of others and, in the case of companies, their employees, to greater causes such as overcoming social and environmental problems. Such actions are often forgotten in everyday life, but in the medium and long term they can lead to positive and noticeable results for the entire population.

Social responsibility in companies

In the business world, socially responsible companies are those that have the ability to rethink their ideas, attitudes and behaviors. In addition, they are able to restructure themselves to be more actively involved in the well-being of everyone involved.

There are many possibilities for action, whether external, such as reuse of water, planting trees, distribution of food in needy communities, or internal, such as employee training, family incentives, healthy and balanced food in cafeterias. Even to obtain an important certification, companies need to meet a series of requirements, one of which is to demonstrate that they have actions that indicate their social responsibility.

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Individual Social Responsibility

As human beings, in our daily lives, we can also be socially responsible. This is not just a role for companies. This responsibility can be seen in small daily actions, such as: separating recyclable and organic waste, not throwing garbage on the street, avoiding the waste of electricity and drinking water.

But, as with companies, we need to go further. To be a socially responsible person is to participate and cooperate with the community for its development. For example, participating in actions promoted by non-profit entities. But remember, social responsibility is different from charity. With charity, you can simply donate without knowing how it can improve someone else's life.

Being socially responsible is being present and participation is necessary. Don't just donate your money, it's important that you donate your time as well. You will surely feel like a better person, using your time consistently and helping those who need it most.

Activities carried out with SMF Focolari volunteers over the last few years.

It's time to do your part!

To change the world, you must first change the street where you live, the city where you are. Acting locally you can also be socially responsible! Among several possible initiatives, research if in the place where you live there are already people engaged in social activities or institutions that already do serious work.

Here at SMF there are several ways to help. You can contribute by being a volunteer in one of the projects, donating resources to maintain workshops and courses, donating your São Paulo invoice or even allocating part of your income tax. Want to know more? Contact SMF and learn how to help.

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