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The 7 R's of Garbage Zero

To begin our journey of the week, we present 7 ways to reach Lixo Zero! You can practice all of them in our day-to-day lives and let's get deeper into them!


Consume consciously! Is everything you are buying really necessary? Is it possible to cut an item without compromising your real needs? How much garbage will these products I am taking generate? How will I be able to integrate this garbage into nature again?



It may seem inelegant to refuse something when they offer it to us, but if you accept and don't use it, where do you go? Refusing something that is not necessary for you can be educational even for those who are offering it. "I'm really grateful, but I don't need that, who knows, maybe someone else doesn't?"



Have you noticed how many packages are involving the product you are taking? Is there a similar product with less packaging? Bringing your own pot, purse, bag, etc. can help to reduce the amount of packaging. In addition to saving raw materials, this action decreases the space in the transportation of products, therefore decreases fuel and everything. Therefore, only the essentials always!



See if it is not possible to repair what has broken. Often a repair is cheaper than buying a new product and you prevent more objects from ending up in the dumps and landfills in your city. Use products that allow refills, or exchanges of parts to be updated.



An object can take on functions totally different from the original and still remain very efficient.

A chipped mug can turn into a plant pot. The orange peel can become a sweet snack. And absolutely everything can become art. Are you a creative person?

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