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The big day! Project Morada

Started the renovation work of the house of Dona Lúcia Anastácio - 07/15/21.

GRUPO SIN - synergy, interdisciplinarity, n.projects and SMF embarked on a new project. We invite you to come with us!

To make a donation towards this specific project click on the link below or contact us:

Tel: (11) 4158-3198

The redevelopment project of Dona Lúcia's house in the Jardim Margarida neighborhood - Vargem Grande Paulista, is already underway and concerns a precarious 3-room house where two families live, totaling 7 people in sub-human conditions. one of the parts doesn't even have the bathroom. The proposal is to provide independent environments for families, who have all their needs met in the various needs inherent to each one, in particular basic sanitation that does not exist today.

Budget for the MORADA Project - Requalification of Casa da Dona Lúcia.

Materials: BRL 24,065.75 + Labor BRL 8,600.00 = BRL 32,665.75

Amount collected to date: R$ 8,900.00

We take this opportunity to immensely thank all our collaborators, as without your help, it would not have been possible to imagine the realization of this project.

Below are pictures of the works that started on the morning of 07/15/2021!

Owner Lúcia Anastácio - photo above (with Ronaldo Marques, Architect and Vanildo Lopes da Silva, builder)

The MORADA Project for housing requalification is not an invasion of an external force that arrives, destroys and builds, but aims to continue to build “A Vida” on top of those superhuman efforts already made. Life of dreams no longer dreamed of individually, of lives that firmly believe that in addition to a house, a dignified DWELLING, it is necessary to build a fairer society, a better world where the true identity and dignity of the person are absolute and untouchable values.

If this were always the case, architecture and engineering would go back to being what they should be: requalification not only of houses, but of lives.

SIN Group (Márcia, Mila, Fátima and Ronaldo) in collaboration with SMF

Mrs. Lúcia Anastácio - in the photo above - with her son Luiz Felipe and Márcia, Mila and Fátima (professionals from Grupo SIN - of architects and engineers).

Previous state of Dona Lúcia's house. - Photos below

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