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The long awaited day has arrived! Inauguration of the new Generation of Future class

With great joy and emotion on the part of both organizers and participants, the new Future Generation course was inaugurated on Monday, August 30, aimed at young people in the neighborhood Jardim Margarida, Vargem Grande Paulista, SP.

There are 11 young people from 15 to 17 years old, full of enthusiasm and interest in the novelty that this course presents to them. They immediately identified with the proposal of dedicating this time to give more attention to themselves, to their own growth as people and as a group, aiming to build a life project that will guide them to face the challenges facing society and the world. can present.

Among so many beautiful moments that marked the opening of the course, during a dynamic involving the delivery of a gift to each other, the words of Sérgio Previdi - Executive Director of the SMF to the young participants resonated strongly:

“The greatest gift I would like to give you is to be able to help you make your dreams come true”.

With this program, the SMF wants to offer solid foundations for building the lives of these young people, through lectures and moments of dialogue focused on themes such as:

- The search for one's own identity

- Socio-emotional skills

- Posture and communication in the workplace

- Preparation of a life project

Darlene Bonfim – Social Educator – is also super enthusiastic about the new course, with expectations of building each moment together. “Hope for the future feeds us!” he said.

André Prevatto – Project Manager – also present for the occasion, he said that the gift he would like to offer is his work with the youth. He commented on how beautiful it is to accompany the growth of each young person, comparing this reality with the blossoming of a flower, which opens, receives what it needs to grow and surprises everyone with its unique beauty.

André concluded by saying that when a young man is well grounded and accompanied, he also acquires and develops valuable and unique characteristics throughout his life.

Cíntia and Carlos Eduardo - participants - also expressed their excitement about the new course and the new horizons that are opening up for them:

“I want to give away my friendship, my participation and my best”. (Cíntia, 16 years)

"I want to give away my joy and how happy I am to be here participating in this course". (Carlos Eduardo, 16 years)

We wish each participant a great course!

SMF team

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