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Youth School for a United World & Milonga Project

“If you were born in a world where you don't fit in, then you were born to create a new world.”John Green

This is the motto of the EJMU (School of Youth for a United World) which has been in progress since July 3rd with completion in November 2021. The school's young people are usually invited to live 24 hours a day with other young people from different countries, states, religions and cultures, live in Mariapolis Ginetta, a community that seeks to create a better world.

And how do they experience creating a better world? For six months, the duration of the school, the young people participate face-to-face in theoretical and practical activities that involve spirituality, social work, arts, sports, ecology, among others. Develop new knowledge, skills and attitudes.

This year, due to the current pandemic, an online school proposal was launched for a period of 6 months. There are 26 young people from all over Brazil who joined this experience. One of the main objectives of this virtual experience is to prepare and motivate young people to become agents of peace and brotherhood in their environments.

Online activities developed by EJMU in the second half of 2021

Within this perspective, Milonga ( entered into a partnership with EJMU offering a virtual volunteering opportunity for a few weeks for EJMU youth.

It will be a brief volunteer work, but with a concrete donation in some NGOs where Milonga is active. In this experience, volunteers and social works will work together to enhance fraternity and cooperation as the main fuel for a better social transformation.

EJMU Online 2021 Coordinators and Collaborators

From left to right: Vaudete Bueno, Darlene Bomfim, Adriele Sacramento, Fabiano Segato and Marcos Bomfim

Young people are very enthusiastic about this new proposal of the school, as it will be a two-way street where young people and NGOs will have a reciprocal experience of giving.

Vaudete Bueno - National Coordinator of the Milonga Project

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