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3rd milONGa Meeting for volunteers

On Saturday 8 May 2021, the 3rd meeting of milONGa was held to present the project to new people interested in engaging and volunteering. On this occasion, as part of the United World Week agenda (,the meeting was also broadcast online on Youtube.

Wilmar Carvalho told a little about his experience as a volunteer at MilONGa illustrating it with some explanatory slides about what the Milonga Project is as well as the challenges that this type of volunteering faces during the Covid-19 pandemic. He also pointed out new initiatives at the level of Latin America, such as that of Bolivia, with the project “Mi casa sin violência - Família Segura”, with wiretapping centers ; of Peru, with a project to provide assistance to the elderly; and in over 70 countries, the global project called “Un día para dar”. Wilmar it also brought data that demonstrate a very high peak of interest with the project to be part of this volunteer journey, and explained several ways in which interested parties can prepare for volunteering right now.

Next, the coordinator of Milonga Brazil, Vaudete Bueno told a little about the history of MilONGa, as a pilot experience in Latin America, which was born in 2016, which represents the Focolare Movement together with OMG, and which is an acronym for “Mil Ongs em Ação”.

In the program there were also several presentations by young people who have already participated in the Milonga experience through in-person volunteering and lately remotely – due to the restrictions of the current pandemic.

Finally, there was time dedicated to questions and answers from the participants. The genuine interest of the young people present in collaborating was perceived, being able to discover and strengthen their own potentials in a journey of donation and service in terms of building a more fraternal world.

To find out more and know the testimonies of young people, follow us on social media @smfocolari Facebook e Instagram.

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