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Sementeira de Projetos is an incubator of ideas and activities that are being developed together with those served by SMF Focolari. Collaborate to get these ideas off the paper together with us.

Our ideas incubator

Not even the most brilliant of ideas stand alone. It takes smart strategies, organization, volunteers, a dose of planning and financial responsibility to make it thrive.


We don't always have the right tools to transform an innovative concept into a successful project. It is not by chance that the demand of communities and people with the need for counseling, emotional or even physical help and opportunities to grow and develop, as well as other types of help, has increased.

Thus, the Sementeira de Projetos is the system we created to design and plan activities that have started in a minimal way or are yet to be born, creating the appropriate social impact, updating all their documentation and staff, in addition to joining forces to start them with the proper training.

With your help and sponsorship, it will be possible to turn ideas into practical actions. Share our Project Seed and publicize the SMF initiatives that are gaining momentum, as well as other projects that are already being developed. Spread the word, donate and apply to become a volunteer right now!

Projetos da Sementeira

Laying Bricks
Projeto Morada
Amigos em uma montanha
Projeto Vem com a Gente

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Be part of this global network of donors, who help SMF to reduce inequality, through socio-educational activities and actions that create social impact and transform the future of thousands of people assisted.

SMF has the support of individuals, companies and institutions that make periodic contributions. Join us and be part of the change!

You can also donate the amount you want by making a deposit, transfer or Pix. After the donation, send the receipt to the e-mail:

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Sociedade Movimento dos Focolari

CNPJ 44.245.488 / 0001-92

Banco do Brasil

AG: 3583-1
CC: 18807-7


PIX key:

CNPJ 44.245.488/0001-92


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Crianças lendo livro no parque


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