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A very special visit to SMF!

On Monday 26th July SMF received a very special visit!

We shared a very pleasant afternoon with the young people who are spending a period of formation at the Mariapolis Ginetta. There were 10 people from 4 countries.

It was great to receive them and be able to introduce them to the various fronts of SMF's work.

We toured the office, told a little about each project and concluded by introducing the new SMF website: – a space that brings together information relevant to the history of SMF, its projects, as well as offering engagement tools to carry out a donation, to learn more about SMF's projects and activities and to share the material on social media.

Our Co-President and Executive Director Sérgio Previdi was in the office that day and presented the reality of SMF that was born from the inspirations and ideals of Chiara Lubich (founder of the Focolare Movement) in view of a more just and fraternal world.

In Sérgio Previdi's words, we gathered the same yearning that moved Chiara and her first companions when, in the 1940s, in the midst of World War II, they worked tirelessly to assist the wounded, orphans and others in need. Today, Brazil does not suffer a civil war, but suffers from social inequality and its countless consequences every day.

Based on the life and experience of the SMF (which will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2022), we seek to convey to these young people the idea that together it is possible to make our contribution so that the world may be a better and more fraternal place.

Jucemara Belli

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