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Commemorative Logo | 50 years of SMF

Celebrating 50 years of the institution brings new challenges and with them a new identity. Therefore, SMF developed a new logo, combining the characteristics of the old version with a completely updated identity, emphasizing the support, the feeling of belonging to the community and its transformation.

Check out the new logo and identity that SMF created to celebrate the anniversary below.

According to SMF's communication manager, Jucemara Belli, "The logo conveys the trust and solidity of the entity, which has existed for over 50 years. The different colors show the diversity of this contribution, but generate harmony and sobriety.

If you liked it too, leave your impression in the comments. Your opinion is very important so that we can keep evolving and improving our communication with participants, supporters, collaborators, volunteers, donors and sponsors.

Thank you to everyone who somehow contributed to us reaching the new identity.

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