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IDEA of the Month - December 2021 BELIEVE IN LOVE

Loving others with a mother's love means being so empty of oneself, so humble and open to listening to the voice of conscience, that love becomes effective and makes history.

Photo: Quilombo do Carmo Project (São Roque SP) - pre-pandemic record

No one will be able to experience perfect motherhood, but we can all believe that love is possible, making our lives as citizens, fathers and mothers, students, workers and politicians, young and old, healthy and sick, fruitful.

In the hills of the Holy Land, in times very close to us, a mother with a deep faith taught her children the art of forgiveness and dialogue learned in the school of life. A small sign in that land, the cradle of civilization, always in search of peace and stability, even among believers of different religions.

Margaret relates: “To us, her children, offended by some expressions of rejection said by other children who were our neighbors, Mother said, 'Invite these children to come to our house.' She herself shared the fresh bread, which she had just baked, for them to take home to their families. Since then we have built friendly relationships with those people”.

Chiara Lubich says that things big and small, but always wonderful, come true in those who believe in love. We could write books and more books with the facts that prove it. In everyday life, let us open our hearts to listening, with the confidence that love will come true.

In this time of preparation for Christmas and family gathering, let us try to live fraternal love. Confident in this challenge, let us make love reborn even today, in our homes and on our streets, in mutual acceptance, in deep listening to the other, in the fraternal embrace, like that of a true mother.

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