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Jar of Gratitude: What It Is and How to Make Yours

The gratitude jar is an idea to make visible the reasons we have to be grateful and make gratitude a constant feeling in our lives. Learn how to make yours!

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The gratitude jar is a way to exercise our ability to look fondly at our achievements, whether big or small. It is a very simple project, but with the potential to transform our lives. The idea is to make gratitude part of the routine, making visible all the reasons why we can be grateful and showing that, regardless of difficulties and problems, there are always good things in our lives.

Giving thanks is a way to change our attitude towards life and make way for us to visualize new and better perspectives on our paths. Having a grateful heart is synonymous with having a healthy heart. Robert Emmons, PhD in Personality Psychology and author of the book “Thank You and Be Happy,” has spent decades studying the effects of gratitude on people's lives. In his conclusions, he pointed out advantages in the quality of life of those who developed gratitude as a habit. Among these benefits are:

  1. strengthening the immune system;

  2. reduction of depression and stress;

  3. greater enthusiasm, energy, optimism and happiness;

  4. improved sleep quality;

  5. waking up more pleasantly and with greater disposition;

  6. decrease in blood pressure;

  7. more active and pleasurable social life;

  8. less attachment to toxic emotions such as grudges, resentments, disappointments, fear and envy;

  9. fewer complaints of pain and discomfort;

  10. significant reduction in feelings of isolation, inadequacy and loneliness.

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How to make your gratitude jar?

The “Pote da Gratidão” does not have a rule regarding the format, just choose a transparent glass jar with a lid and decorate it as you prefer, being essential that it has the word “gratitude” stamped and clearly visible.

Choose a special place in your home to place it. Next to the pot, also place a pad and a pen.

Every day write a thank you and put it lovingly into the pot. These papers will become reminders so that, in the most difficult times, you remember that there are good things.

One suggestion is to keep the acknowledgments for the whole year. They can be used as “fuels” to lift your mood when you're down, or read all at once at the end of each month or year. The Gratitude Pot can also be used individually or shared among the whole family.

Like the idea? Share this idea with a friend and be sure to make your own!

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