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Make a scheduled monthly donation: see how simple it is!

Recurring donation is the easiest way to guarantee the progressive attendance of the activities that SMF offers. Be part of this global network of donors!

It works like this:

1. In the donations area of ​​our website you can choose an amount from R$ 50.00 to donate monthly

2. Selecting the amount will open a new tab on the page to schedule your payment. First you must enter your email or enter your registration on the PagSeguro website.

3. The next page will be to inform the data of the card on which the charge will be made automatically every month on the same day of registration. Example: if the registration is made on September 5th, the first donation will be on that date, the next on October 5th and in the next few months every 5th.

4. Then just click on "Confirm payment". Your payment will be analyzed and subject to confirmation by phone or email.

Done! Now every month your contribution arrives automatically to help keep SMF projects going and impacting lives.

Help right now by clicking here.

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