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Preparing for Escola de Jovens para um Mundo Unido Online 2021!

Fabiano da Costa Segato, Lúcia Helena de Oliveira Parazzi, Darlene Bomfim, Vaudete Bueno

The preparations for the SGMU 2021 online (School of Youth for a United World) have been underway for 5 months! We are excited about the possibilities that are opening up for the realization of this online school.

On Sunday 16th May we had a working day for SGMU in Jundiaí - SP. Since it was not possible for Lucia (Psicopedagoga, SGMU collaborator) to come to us ... we decided to go to her!

During the meeting we established a link with the coordination team of the SGMU of the Mariapolis El Diamante in Mexico (Training Center of the Focolare Movement). They have already done two ONLINE schools, so they already have a lot of experience.

The exchange of experiences was very enriching. We realized we had a lot of things in common. Above all, it was a great opportunity to strengthen ties with this super team from Mexico!

At the end of the day we were very happy, because in addition to having achieved the goal of the day, which was to prepare the program, it was also a great moment of dialogue and fraternal relations between all of us as a team.

Vaudete Bueno - SGMU Coordinator

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