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The Joy of Reunion

I Spring Festival - SMF

It was really wonderful to be able to meet again and be together for a relaxed program, with activities for the whole family at the I Spring Festival organized by SMF in partnership with Parque da Mariapolis, Vargem Grande Paulista, SP, on Saturday 25/09.

Source: event held at Parque Mariapolis by SMF Focolari

The joy of the reunion was in the air while the activities of:

  • Material reuse workshop

  • Storytelling for children

  • Inflatable toys for kids to enjoy, with professional instructors and proper supervision.

  • peace mandala

The Solidarity Thrift Store – was the ideal opportunity to put into practice the idea of ​​the circular economy, which proposes a change in the entire way of consuming, from the design of products to our relationship with raw materials and waste. Through the charity shop, it was possible to offer an appropriate space – outdoors – for the exhibition of items donated by so many people, to whom we are immensely grateful!

Both the people who made their donations and those who purchased the items felt happy and fulfilled to participate in this chain of good that aims at fraternal and harmonious coexistence among all and with the COMMON HOUSE that hosts all.

SMF finds its breath by acting in actions like this, as it is undeniable the need to work more together in view of the regeneration of society and sustainability of the planet.

We thank all those who collaborate with SMF for the realization of the I Spring Festival! A very special thank you to the Mariápolis Ginetta Residents Association for providing the inflatable toys for the joy and fun of the children and to the managers of the Mariapolis Park for making the space available for the occasion.

All proceeds from this event will be used for our Social Projects and for the maintenance of the SMF Headquarters.

A huge thank you to all!

Here are comments from some participants of the event as well as some members of the SMF board:

Joelma Barbosa Camargo said: "I have no words to express how wonderful the event of the 1st Spring Festival organized by SMF was. It was possible to feel the strong involvement and love of everyone in donating to others through the support of social projects".

Ana Luiza Camoles Camargo (12 years old) commented: “I thought the meeting was very nice and beneficial. The organization, the toys and the joy that we could see on the children's faces was incredible”.

Flavia Fonseca da Silva: "The thrift store in the context of the 1st SMF Spring Festival - brought a joy of belonging, because the prices were very attractive and the products were of excellent quality! In addition to helping social projects, this event helped to improve the self-esteem of people with less purchasing power. I was happy to have participated and to have sold some items I took with me”.

Francisca Zeliana Leite Grangeiro – Manager of Parque Mariapolis: "The first festival of spring. The first of many. We hope so. It was an opportunity to welcome people from other neighborhoods and communities. It was a beautiful, festive afternoon.

Sérgio Previdi – Executive Director – SMF: "The I Spring Festival was a clear expression of SMF's commitment to the underprivileged people of our society. The activity of the Thrift store within the Spring Festival was a demonstration of how the Circular Economy, everything that is reused can make a difference in reducing social inequality. By contemplating the meeting of people from different social classes sharing the same space of communion of goods, I saw that the Current of Good is advancing”.

André Prevatto – Project Manager – SMF: “Events like this fundraising event, in addition to providing more resources to help more people, convey our own values, building bonds, care and a culture of communion through the Circular Economy”.

Vaudete Bueno – SMF Office Manager: "We were amazed at the generosity of people, who collaborated in various ways: through donations and making their talents and time available. but mainly for the synergy and bonds built with everyone"

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