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Vem com a Gente - Futsal Sports Project

In this time of pandemic, especially during the March 2021 quarantine, social isolation provided us with online meetings and training in order to resume activities in the project Quilombo do Carmo.

During these meetings, we have dedicated ourselves to thinking of new ways to reach young people, new ways and strategies to achieve this end. A name came up for one of our projects:

Vem com a Gente - It is about the active search for young people who are in a situation of vulnerability and on the margins of society. The aim is to bring them closer, to generate bonds and help them to think about their own future. One of our projects is futsal, before isolation we were at full steam, the team was already a reality and the young people were getting involved. Now we are going to resume activities with due care and respecting the protocol, it will be a team where we will build and strengthen friendship, life and health. We are really happy and hopeful about this project!

Paulo Henrique Gonçalves Matura - Social Educator

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